Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sunny then the rain

Just when we thought all was going our way disaster struck. We now have the sails on and the hull cleaned and looking prety good. I tried the electronics and all was well until I tried the auto pilot. We have an old (25years) WP5000 NAvico Wheel Pilot that has given sterling service but today I switched it on and NOTHING! Having tested all the wiring and power supply its DEAD as a DODO. I phoned a number of companies that repair them and was told, Sorry Mate its Bu*&^@#d but we can sell you a nice new one for £1200. Well money does'nt grow on trees for us so no pilot for now. Then we had some good news a friend in England found a company that thinks they can repair it and Jackie a French friend here has a mate who thinks he can repair it. So looking on the bright side we might get it repaired for alot less than £1200. It looks like we are going to be a bit lonley after the 10th May as 2 of our friends are taking their boats to holland to live as they want a change. Ah well I suppose we will see more come here as the price in England is now so expensive. We had a bit of luck yeaturday. I have been wanting to get rid of the big heavy chair in the pilot house ( you can just make it out in this pic) as it nearly breaks my back every time I have to move it. I looked on the net for a light weight chair high enough for Sal to be able to steer the boat and see over the instruments. They were about £200 but on one of the pages we saw an advert for IKEA so had a look. YEP we found just the thing for €30 so went to IKEA at Brest got the chair and had a lovely lunch (€12) for the 2 of us so a good day. Well thats the little moan for today. Will keep you informed on the pilot issue. Fingers crossed and good sailing. Enjoy the sunshine.

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