Monday, April 5, 2010

A final decision from Sally

Well here comes the sun summer is on the way and we all know what that means "SAILING"
Now we are retired its great to just sit back and wait to go sailing.
WRONG! So far we have redone the standing rigging on a yacht. Fixed leaks on another 3 yachts.
Re rigged roller furling on another one and because Dutch and Brenda are taking Ilsham to
Holland for good this year we thought it would be a nice parting present to rebuild the 10 year
old 1GM10 Yanmar for them. Now all we have to do is Degrease and wash, Polish (2 coats on topsides and hull)
Check all the standing and running rigging and Sails then service the engine and check all our safety gear and the
dinghy. Then stock up with all the stores for the summer and we can then go sailing.
Plus I have finnished the design work for 2 junk rigs for American clients and finnished the designs for a 34ft yacht for
a New Zealand client. But the good thing is that We or should I say Sally has decided that this year is my last year working for
other people. Its now 14 years since I had my heart op and have decided to take things a bit easier.
Sally says " Yea Right" now only 60 hrs a week. NO I have promised that from May this year it is ALL about
quality time together. SO looking forward to sun sail and anchorages where we can bbq fresh caught fish
And be lazy in the sun. So keep an eye on the Blog and we will try to keep it interesting.

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