Saturday, May 15, 2010

leaving with a little drama

We decided to get a few pics of the boats leaving so went down river to see them all off they made a lovely sight steaming down river on the last of the ebb tide then all of a sudden we saw Claude and Sue turn back. They had lost a fender overboard and decided to pick it up. Claude brought Pet up to the fender ready to pick it up when THUD damn were are in the mud. ( I know I should be a poet) Claude had miss judged the level of water on the side of the river and had well and truly grounded Pet. Typical Claude No panic just put out a leg and wait for the next tide.
I cant shout too loud as I once grounded Feels Good in the Trieux River and had a free 4 days in freezing weather, but as they say thats another story. We went down at the next high tide as the yachts for the Tresco Race were all leaving and we wanted to see our friends passing (see the little blue yacht in the pic) just as the last yacht passed, along came the Yves Salaun an old SNSM life boat that lives in Morlaix and goes as a guard boat on the Tresco. In typical lifeboat fashion they took a line from Claude and pulled him into the centre of the river and they were on their way with no damage and having had a good rest. Later we received a call from Clive to say that they had all arrived in Binic safely. We are hoping to see them again on their way up to holland as we will be in Guernsey when they pass ( so more tears)

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